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MFG Mobile Sauna Burg Gibichenstein Halle (Saale)

Mobile Sauna

The mobile sauna was designed for the campus of the art and design school Burg Giebichenstein. It should be a point to meet and relax at the campus. Due to the location of the university (surrounded by a large park on the river Saale) the idea came up of making the sauna mobile. This makes it possible to have a sauna both on and around the campus and then cool down directly in the river. The transparency and lightness of the design is reflected in the materials, which are in contrast to the otherwise massive and rustic wooden constructions of ordinary saunas. The microarchitecture can accommodate from 4 to 5 people and can be built up and moved from 3 people. An important aspect of the implementation was also the accessibility for the students and teachers of the university. For this purpose, an embedding in the university website was made as well as a website with instructions on how to use the sauna properly. The energy source is the waste wood from the model construction workshops of the university, which is also made directly accessible by the employees via the internal ordering system. 

interior of the movable sauna at the Burg Giebichenstein art and design university
Anker 2

Mobile sauna with two people on the Saale river beach in Halle

During transport, the standing leg turns into a drawbar. Inspired by the principle of the wheelbarrow, the whole weight of the sauna can be moved on one axle. Due to the overhanging roof it is possible to give a counterweight during assembly and disassembly and to keep the weight of the whole house in position. The stove is fired from the outside, which avoids exhaust fumes inside.

The mobile sauna in motion while being pulled through halle


Sophia Reißenweber, Emil Löber, Friedrich Gerlach

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