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Vouk is a water decanter made of bamboo which has been transformed into activated carbon from the inside through a complex process.

By using heat, pressure and steam a filtering layer of activated carbon is created, in contrary the outside has to be cooled down to preserve the structural and colour essence of the bamboo.


Pushing a material to its limits.

Vouk is a water carafe made of bamboo which has been transformed into activated carbon from the inside. The outside of the material has been prevented from burning and kept raw. A handle has been carved out of the bamboo itself and was reshaped into its final form using heat . The process used to carbonize the inner side of the material required an oxygen-free environment and cooling down the outside with ice-water at the same time. After the inside is carbonized, water vapor was created and conducted through a pipe in which it was heated until it reached 800°C. Subsequently it was directed into the oxygen-free atmosphere inside of the bamboo and to activate the coal.  By turning the inside of the bamboo to an active carbon surface the carafe is filtering the water it is carrying and is also prevents the material from becoming moldy. Important for the final result are many tests and the machinery which had to be built for the process. The project can be seen more as an experiment than a finished product to see how far you can go by transforming an organic material in different shapes and conditions without taking it apart.

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Uli Budde, Susann Paduch,


Conbam, Bambusboom,

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