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Rotate your ideas.​

“XI” is an all in one coworking piece of furniture, whiteboard, partition, a table with a light.

Anker 2


XI's are as versatile as the working day in a coworkingspace. They combin the possibility to divide the room with them and to use them for different purposes or to set up a work table at a single one. As an X in the opened state, a table with integrated top lighting is created.

A swing of 180° and the light source becomes a light table for drawing plans or shining through sketches. If enough sitting work has been done down, a fluid movement is made, the X becoming an I and a white surface is created. This can be used as a whiteboard for group meetings. If the whole room is needed, the tables, room dividers and whiteboard can be easily rolled aside and stacked.





Light table




Anna Lena Vock, Franka Bloch and I (Friedrich Gerlach) designed XI at the Bauhaus University Weimar

Mentoring : Uli Budde and Susann Paduch.

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